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In compliance with the measures dictated by the Peruvian Government in the prevention of contagion and dissemination of COVID-19, from Monday 16 to March 31, the offices of TP Consulting in Peru will carry out their activities in the teleworking modality, therefore we ask our customers and suppliers to take into account the following:

We will continue with our availability and attention capacity at the usual times, by remote channels such as mail, telephone or videoconferences by WhatsApp, Hangout or the technological tool that is necessary.All work in progress will follow its normal course, staff from our firm will be in charge to contact you for the necessary coordination. After which we will send the detail of the prepared work plan (GANTT Diagram) as a whole.In the case of companies that have commissioned us to prepare their Local Transfer Price Reports for fiscal year 2019, we report that:

1. As explained in Legal Alert No. 001-2020-PER, the Supreme Decree declaring the State of Emergency does not establish tax exceptions that modify the Transfer Pricing obligations.

2. We recommend that companies have the results of their Transfer Pricing work before the Sworn Declaration of Income Tax, so that, if applicable, the corresponding adjustments can be made, in order to avoid subsequent rectifications , fines and interest.

We call on all to join the effort to control this global health pandemic and to abide by the measures given by the Peruvian Government.


March 16th, 2020

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